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Clothes do reflect the person.

At Prestige Cleaners we know the importance of always looking your best and reflecting a professional image.

We also understand that clothes are expensive. As a Sanitone Certified Master Dry Cleaner we maintain the purity of our cleaning solution and adhere to rigid distillation requirements. Sanitone is a unique process that gently cleans while maintaining the color and texture of your clothing. The results are garments that smell fresh and look their best.

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Do you want your shirts perfectly washed, dried, and hung? Got better things to do with your time?

Let Prestige Cleaners provide you with the best shirt service in town. Your shirts will be delivered to your door clean, fresh, and hung or boxed, just the way you want them. Then you can spend your time on the really important things in life.


Button Guarantee: Prestige Cleaners guarantees that all of the buttons on your garments will be either returned to you in the same condition as when we received them or replaced with an
exact match.




Need a complete shoe rebuild? A simple heel lift or other repairs on any of your leather goods? Prestige Cleaners does it all.


Repairs are completed quickly and with minimum materials, precision, and the superior results that only our many years of experience can deliver.


We provide serves for:

• New Shoes

• Old Shoes

• Belts & Handbags

• Leather Goods

• Luggage




For alterations major or minor – Prestige Cleaners can provide the service you need, and our work is guaranteed.


Are your pants or slacks too long? Too short? Or does your very favorite coat just need a new zipper? Do you need a hem raised or lowered or buttons replaced? Your dress or suit entirely


Our expert alterations staff can make any alterations you need. All very quickly and at a very reasonable price.




Let Prestige Cleaners provide you with the best laundry in town. Your whites & colors will be delivered back to you clean, fresh, and folded, just the way you want them. Then you can spend your time on the really important things in life.




Dry cleaning allows fabrics such as wools, polyesters and silks to be cleaned of any oils and grease without shrinkage or other distortions. These fabrics do not respond well to soap and water cleaning and may be damaged beyond repair. Also, for those stains that need a little extra attention, Prestige Cleaners will spot clean those garments before dry cleaning.


The Prestige staff has been carefully trained in the use of cleaning solutions for spot cleaning and will give your garments the utmost care. It’s very important to understand the strength of the cleaning solutions to be used and the tolerance of the garment before cleaning. Dry cleaning involves many different processes and our expert staff is skilled in those areas and will provide you with clean, fresh, professional-looking garments. For those areas that need special attention, Prestige will spot clean garments utilizing the most up-to-date stain removal techniques and information


Prestige Cleaners has a firm commitment to maintaining a clean environment for our children and for future generations.

We recycle the hangers and plastic garment bags used for packaging and customer service. In our cleaning processes, all cleaning agents are used as directed by each manufacturer and disposed according to environmental standards so to not harm the purity of our air and water.  At Prestige Cleaners we are committed to maintaining a clean, healthy and safe world for everyone.

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Prestige Cleaners was named one of the top 100 small businesses in the U.S. by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for 2014.


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